Mizuno USA Enters the U.S. Soccer Market With Release of Four Premium Cleats

Mizuno USA Enters the U.S. Soccer Market With Release of Four Premium Cleats

Mizuno, a global leader in the sporting goods industry, today released four premium firm ground (FG) soccer cleat models in their Heritage, Speed and Power cleat portfolios to U.S. soccer players. Available online only at www.mizunousa.com : www.mizunousa.com/ , the line-up includes two Japanese handcrafted models — the Morelia Neo Made in Japan (MIJ), and Morelia II (MIJ) — and the Morelia Neo and Wave Ignitus 3. Ideal for players looking to improve their game, the cleats feature Mizuno’s well-known standard of innovative design, premium craftsmanship and superior performance.

Mizuno’s premium Heritage line-up boasts two handcrafted models, the Morelia Neo (MIJ) and all-leather Morelia II (MIJ), which are made exclusively in Japan. Featuring water repellent kangaroo leather, the Neo (MIJ) and Morelia II (MIJ) are engineered to provide ultimate traction and stability, plus a barefoot feeling to maximize performance and touch on the pitch. A clean, white pearl leather colorway with black sole and red accents is applied to the Morelia Neo (MIJ), and at 6.3 oz. it’s sure to keep players light on their feet. Moreover, the Morelia II (MIJ) features classic black leather that has never gone out of style.

“Entering the U.S. soccer market with our performance-enhancing cleats allows us to provide soccer players throughout the country with the premium footwear needed to perform at a peak level,” said Ahmet Abaci, VP of Brand Marketing and Management. “Our growing reputation as a top cleat overseas has driven the demand and interest to have our cleats available to U.S. consumers, and we see our fan base continue to expand with the newest category introduction.”

Along with the Heritage cleats, Mizuno developed their Speed cleat, Morelia Neo, and Power cleat, Wave Ignitus 3. Meticulously crafted for a glove-like fit, the 6.3 oz., black and lime Neo speed cleat provides players with a true “barefoot feeling” for excellent foot holding, touch on the ball and comfort to increase speed and agility. Rounding out the portfolio, the vibrant blue and orange Wave Ignitus 3, inspired by the colors of the Brazilian Macaw bird, is packed with power enhancing technology. The Tatekaiten and Yokokaiten Panel give players ultimate control to bend and drive the ball; coupled with the Mukaiten Panel, users will have the ability to create an unpredictable ball flight. All three panels are tied together with Primeskin upper, providing improved durability and structure.

“It’s an ideal time to put our stamp on the soccer world and allow our athletes here at home to experience what so many people around the world already know, Mizuno creates superior product,” said Abaci. “From the outsole to the specially engineered panels on the upper, our cleats are designed with performance in mind and will exceed U.S. consumers’ expectations.”