3 Big Issues That China Faces In Counterfeiting Battle

3 Big Issues That China Faces In Counterfeiting Battle

Intellectual property laws instituted by Beijing’s central government in recent years — including the introduction of a dedicated IP court — offer the appearance of tackling China’s large and intransigent problem with IP infringement.

Questions remain, however, about how these laws translate to ground-level enforcement.

“Over the 10-plus years I have been dealing with these issues in China, I have seen little progression in their vigilance to protect such rights. … While the laws look good as written, in practicality, there still leaves a great deal to be desired,” said Dan McKinnon, counsel for New Balance. “It’s a constant dance — and not a fun one.”

A major problem, according to experts, is the over-reliance on expecting administrative bodies, in particular China’s Administration for Industry and Commerce [AIC], to go after IP infringers.

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