3 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement & Your Bottom Line

3 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement & Your Bottom Line

Few things get upper management more excited than hearing about new tactics to boost their company’s sales and profits. Commonly touted strategies for improving profit margins range include fine-tuning product assortment, improving customer service and trimming administrative expenses. But the answer might be a little closer to home than many companies realize.

Footwear industry nonprofit organization Two Ten Footwear Foundation hosted its annual HR Summit in New York on Tuesday, and a panel of experts revealed that better employee engagement might be the best route to improving a business’s financial performance.

Maria Amato, senior director of workforce surveys and analytics at technology firm CEB, was the event’s keynote speaker. John Wompey, VP of operations at Foot Locker; Pernille Spiers-Lopez, former president and CEO of Ikea North America; Len Frankel, managing partner at Abacus Group; and Beth Goldstein, executive director and industry analyst at The NPD Group, were the event’s panelists.

Read on for three key strategies to improve employee engagement and your bottom line.

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