3D-printed designer shoe contains working iPhone (with pic)

3D-printed designer shoe contains working iPhone (with pic)

Posted on CNet: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57583684-1/3d-printed-designer-shoe-contains-working-iphone/

The iPhone Mashup Shoe was created by Alan Nguyen of Freedom of Creation, a 3D-printing house in Amsterdam.

The shoe was designed around iPhone cases from 3D-printed accessories site FreshFiber. You can see the cases in the base of the heel.

While it was exhibited last year at Milan Design Week and Maison et Objet Paris, Nguyen recently showed off his creation in London, where he attended the launch of Print Shift, an on-demand magazine devoted to 3D printing.

“We relate a lot to DJs,” he told BBC News. “Because they take other people’s things and they put it together to create something totally new.”

Nguyen said the iPhone Mashup Shoe is designed for a size 37, which is about size 6 in the U.S.

“They actually work. I heard they’re pretty comfortable but I haven’t tried them myself.”