A Supply Chain Built to Handle Disruption

A Supply Chain Built to Handle Disruption

Written by Sara Mayes, President and CEO Gemini Shippers Group

Often companies measure the effectiveness of their supply chain with a focus on the need to increase velocity while reducing costs.  While cost control and speed are important features of great supply chains, a supply chain that offers a true competitive advantage has to be designed to allow the firm to deal with the known and unknown disruptions we face every day.

Today, importers face a host of challenges; uncertain and fickle consumer demand, the threat of supply disruption in both their raw material and ocean transportation, SOLAS weight requirements, the effects of e-commerce and Omni-channel shoppers, a tepid economy and a looming US presidential election.

Challenges like these require Supply Chain managers to build a supply chain nimble enough to deal with change and resilient enough to overcome disruption.

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