Adidas Shuffles Employees, Moves 150 Jobs To Portland

Adidas Shuffles Employees, Moves 150 Jobs To Portland

According to reports by the Portland Business Journal and The Wall Street Journal, Adidas AG will move about 150 back-office jobs to Portland from its headquarters in Boston.

The news comes as Adidas’ brand Reebok readies itself for an exodus from Canton, MA, to Beantown. Reebok’s new creative director Thomas Steinbrück told SGB that repositioning Reebok within a more urban environment will most likely reinvigorate the brand for the future.

This is a much-needed shakeup, as Reebok has struggled to hit success with its North American market as of late. Bringing Reebok to bustling Boston should also provide a larger pool of potential new talent to disturb the status quo.

As for the rationale for moving some Adidas jobs to Portland? Again, the talent pool is an obvious reason, however the main purpose is to make room for a fully Reebok-ian campus in Boston, and huddle Adidas America under one roof in Oregon.

Another less mentioned side of Adidas moving 150 of its employees across the country is that a different 150 will be laid off by the company.