Altra Introduces Smart Shoe

Altra Introduces Smart Shoe

Altra launched the Altra IQ powered by iFit, a smart shoe for runners at CES 2016.

The shoe is available to demo at iFit, located at booth #73914 in Sands Expo Center, known as Tech West.

Altra IQ powered by iFit is a smart running shoe that acts as your personal stride coach, giving you real-time feedback during your run. A razor-thin, multi-sensor system embedded the full length of the midsole in each shoe tracks a range of running intelligence, such as foot strike zone. Altra IQ shoes transmit data to an iFit app or iFit tracker watch with BLE, which provides individual analysis and real-time coaching on the run.

“For too long, ‘How far?’ and ‘How fast?’ have been the only two metrics used to analyze your run,” said Altra’s VP of Sales, co-founder and ultra runner Brian Beckstead. “Altra IQ gathers intelligence on a full range of running biomechanics. For example, you’ll learn right away – during your run – if you are landing harder on one foot, which could easily turn out to be the reason your knee hurts. Then with individual data collected from your running form, Altra provides personal critiques, just like a coach, to improve your run, every time you run.”

Altra founder Golden Harper said many running injuries can be prevented by learning efficient, low impact running form.

“However, it’s really, really hard to analyze running form on yourself,” Harper said. “This shoe is designed to help new runners avoid poor technique and make experienced runners more efficient when pounding the pavement. Much of this impact can be avoided with the elements of proper running technique, like high cadence and a soft landing. Intelligence is power, and Altra IQ can help like nothing else.”

The iFit Ridge watch and iFit app screen will show each of the various metrics collected. Individual recommendations for improving running form will be both visible and audible via your smartphone and visible on your iFit GPS watch, sold separately. Runners can also collect the data without any carrying a phone or watch during the run – the shoes actually store the data. A select team of running experts, coaches and exercise physiologists created the analytics and feedback suggestions.

A few devices in the market measure a few of these metrics, said Harper.

“However, nobody has something that will tell runners ‘You are over-striding. Try pumping your elbows back and not letting them swing forward past your hips,’” Harper said, as an example. “The Altra IQ shoes are a running coach in a shoe: observing running form, analyzing and suggesting real-time corrections to help the runner dial in their form as they run.”