Asics Supports Tennis Coaching Community With Virtual Academy

Asics Supports Tennis Coaching Community With Virtual Academy

Asics EMEA announced the launch of the Asics Tennis Academy, a virtual community platform that gives tennis coaches access to advice and training from industry experts.

Asics noted that independent research shows that 90 percent of tennis players rely on their coaches for advice and recommendations about how to improve their game. However, most coaches said they lack the time and resources to stay informed, while also coaching full-time.

Based on the specific needs of coaches, Asics has created the Tennis Academy to provide easy access to the information they need. Experts, including elite coaches, strength trainers, physiotherapists and sports psychologists will share bespoke training videos and articles, so coaches have the latest trends and training information readily available.

“It’s important that tennis players choose a shoe that fits their playing style, either baseline, all-court or a combination we call best of both,” said Rene Zandbergen, head of product innovation, Asics Tennis. “Tennis shoes may all seem the same, but there is specific technology in each shoe that supports and protects the natural movement of the foot, which is why it is so important to play in the right shoe, to stay injury-free. By connecting with coaches all over Europe, we hope to make it easy for them to identify playing style and make the right recommendation to their players.”

“We know how important the coach is to a tennis player’s development, both on the court and off the court, which is why we are thrilled to launch Asics Tennis Academy,” said Gary Raucher, executive vice president, categories, Asics.

Patrick Mouratoglou, founder and president of Mouratoglou Academy, added: “Being a coach means helping your players reach their full potential, and with this new virtual knowledge-sharing platform from Asics, that just got easier.”

More information can be found here.