Asics Uses Microwaves To Customize Shoes

Asics Uses Microwaves To Customize Shoes

Asics is using microwave technology to create custom midsoles in as little as 15 seconds.

The technique was developed in a partnership with Tayin Research & Development Co., Ltd.

“The creation process, which uses microwave technology, is both speedy and sustainable – taking as little as around 15 seconds to create in-factory with huge potential to pave the way for decreasing environmental impact,” said Asics in a blog post.

Currently in testing phase, Asics estimates that the use of microwave production technology will reduce energy consumption by almost 90 percent compared to Asics standard techniques.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the technology has “huge potential to revolutionize the future in-store experience for consumers. The evolution of this technology could eventually give trainer enthusiasts and fashion-forward shoppers the option to customize the color of the midsole and upper on the spot in-store. ASICS plans to introduce this technology to select footwear ranges in the future.”

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