August 2014 Athletic Footwear Sales Recap

August 2014 Athletic Footwear Sales Recap

August 2014 Footwear overview

  • Sales of Sport Footwear grew in the low singles in August in dollars and in units resulting in a low single digit increase in average selling price.
  • Basketball improved in the mid-teens, in line with year to date trend
  • Sandal sales were again down in the high singles.
  • Running shoes grew in the mid singles
  • Cleated grew in the mid singles.  Football shoes were up low singles while Soccer grew in the mid singles for August
  • Men’s sales declined in the low singles; Women’s grew in the low singles and Kids improved in the mid-teens. Men’s was weak in Basketball, Golf and Running.  Women’s had a good result in Skate, Classics and Walking which offset weak Running. Kids had very strong month in Running (+50%) Basketball and Soccer.

August 2014 Footwear sales by channel

  • Sales of Sport Footwear on the Internet grew about 10% in August and were about 9% of all shoes sold.  Sales in Physical stores improved in the low singles.
  • Family Footwear lead all channels with sales up in the low teens.  In Family, Kids sales grew almost 50%
  • Athletic Specialty/Sporting Goods had a low single digit decline.
  • Run/Sport Specialty had a low single digit increase
  • Sales grew best in the Northwest and South Central and worst in the Midwest and New England.

August 2014 Brand Share

  • Skechers grew nearly 40% for the month, gaining 125 basis points in share to 3.6%, and passing Asics as the #4 brand and #3 company in the sneaker business.  Skechers showed particular strength in Walking and in Women’s Casual.
  • The other big news was that Puma grew 40% in August was best in Lifestyle Athletic and Fashion Running.
  • Nike sales of Sport Footwear in August grew in the mid singles and share improved 100 basis points to 48.2%. Jordan was up in the mid singles and share improved 40 basis points to 13.6%. Converse sales grew in the mid singles with 3.4% share.  This gave Nike Inc. 65.2% share in August, the highest ever recorded for August.  Nike showed strength in Running and Basketball, which offset weakness in Training and Football
  • Adidas and Reebok declined sharply in August. Adidas declined in the important categories.  Reebok Classics nearly doubled for the month, a very positive development.
  • Under Armour grew nearly a third, with strong Kids Running (75%) and sandals offsetting declines in Training.  Football cleat sales have also been good for UA, up in the mid-teens.
  • One other interesting data point: When we combine Apparel and Footwear, Under Armour did more sales than the Adidas brand in August.
  • Brooks led all Running brands with sales up in the high teens.  Asics had a low single digit increase for the month.  Mizuno and Saucony both had declines while New Balance continued to struggle.
  • Vans improved more than 70% in August

August 2014 Top Selling models

1          Jordan    3                               $165.29

2          Nike AIR FORCE 1 LOW                      $88.70

3          Nike FREE 5.0+ 2014                           $92.33

4          Jordan    6                               $157.46

5          Nike AIR MAX 2014                             $151.84

6          M UA HIGHLIGHT MC                         $127.80

7          Nike AIR MONARCH IV                       $50.04

8          Jordan    14                             $168.65

9          W Nike FREE 5.0 2014                        $91.90

10        Nike ROSHE RUN                                $73.15

11        Converse ALL STAR OXFORD                          $41.89

12        Jordan TRUE FLIGHT                           $136.11

13        Nike REVOLUTION 2                           $42.40

14        Nike AIR FORCE 1 LOW                      $89.59

15        K Converse ALL STAR OX                    $38.55

16        W Nike REVOLUTION 2                       $42.92

17        K Nike AIR FORCE 1 LOW                   $74.32

18        Nike KD 7                                            $147.94

19        Nike FLEX RUN 2014                                       $69.99

20        Nike AIR FORCE 1 MID                       $92.52

21        Nike SB ZOOM STEFAN                       $76.49

22        M CNV ALL STAR HI                            $47.01

23        Nike Vapor Carbon ELITE 2014 TD     $129.91

24        K Jordan    3                            $118.25

25        Nike FINGERTRAP MAX                       $121.54

Of the top 250 models for August 2014:

  • Nike had 137 (55%)
  • Jordan, 33 (14%)
  • Asics, 11
  • Adidas, 11
  • Under Armour, 11
  • Skechers, 8
  • Vans, 8
  • Converse, 7
  • Brooks, 6


  • Basketball is a very important category in August, representing about 20% of all sneakers sold.
  • In August, Basketball grew in the mid-teens
  • Nike Basketball grew about a third for the month, while Jordan improved in the mid singles.
  • Nike Inc. had a 97% share in Basketball in August
  • Adidas and Reebok Basketball both declined sharply
  • UA Basketball grew in the high teens


  • Running grew in the mid singles for August.
  • UA Running grew nearly 50% with Adult Running up 19% and Kids’ Running up 75%.
  • Adidas Running declined in the high teens
  • Nike Running grew in the high singles. Flex and Roshe improved while Free declined.

Cleated Footwear

  • Cleated Footwear grew in the mid singles in August. Football grew in the low singles, while soccer improved in the mid singles
  • UA cleated grew more than 25%, while Adidas was up a in the low teens and Nike declined in the mid singles

August 2014 Apparel Overview

  • August Sport Apparel grew in the low teens.
  • Fleece was a standout category with sales up about a third.
  • Active tops grew in the high singles, driven by long sleeve fitness tops and tanks
  • Active bottoms improved in the mid singles, on the strong result from the Tights/Capris Fad (+90%)
  • Men’s and Women’s Sport Apparel grew in the high singles, while kids grew about 25%
  • Nike women’s grew 20% and gained 365 basis points in share.  UA women’s grew in the low singles and gave up share.
  • Nike Sport Apparel grew more than 25% in August, with share up 400 basis points to 36.3%
  • UA grew in the mid-teens, with share up 30 basis points to 16%
  • Jordan and The North Face Apparel grew in the high teens, while Adidas posted a decline.

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