Brooks Limited Edition Collection Celebrates the
Spirit of the Special Olympics USA Games, Seattle 2018

“The 2018 Special Olympics USA Games will showcase the abilities of athletes with intellectual disabilities, promote the ideals of acceptance and inclusion through sport and celebrate the transformative power of Special Olympics.” — Beth Knox, president and CEO, 2018 Special Olympics USA Games

Brooks-sponsored athletes Andy and Colleen Bryant, pictured left, will compete in this year’s Olympic Games wearing the Brooks USA Games Ghost 10 shoe. Andy will compete in the 3,000- and 5,000-meter runs, and Coleen in the 1,500- and 5,000-meter runs.  SGB received comments from Brooks on this important alliance.

Jim Weber, CEO, Brooks: “Running is the most inclusive sport of all. First, it’s foundational for the training of almost every other sport there is. Secondly, cross country, track and field is amazingly exciting, but everyone can participate. You just lace up and go out your back door.

“The mission of Brooks is to inspire everyone to run and to be active. We really try to celebrate everyone’s run or activity no matter how fast, how far, no matter the reasons why. That’s our role.

“And when we look at the mission of the Special Olympics organization, it’s about celebration and exclusivity. And what we’re excited about when you look at the faces of these athletes as they’re competing, you are going to see that energy and transformative power in their faces, and I think their lives. That’s what competition and running does for you.”

Ed Haywood, Special Olympics coach: “Running is a wonderful equalizer because we all live through the same pain; that’s where some of the [Special Olympic] athletes have the ability to be our peers in the same place that we are, to be given respect. They don’t want to be different than we are. They want to do the same things that we do. And running is a great equalizer because it certainly breaks it all down.

Danny Mackey, Brooks Beasts head coach, Brooks:  “When I found out in August that Brooks was partnering with the Special Olympic Games, my immediate reaction was ‘Yeah, this makes sense.’

“One of the reasons the Beast exists is to inspire anyone to run, be healthy and to pay attention to their body. Just in the past couple of days with having Andy and Colleen at altitude camp, that’s already happening, so it’s like a give-and-take and on both sides. It’s cool seeing that Brooks Beasts are learning from Andy and Colleen just by being around them for two days.”

Beth Rathburn, associate footwear merchandiser, Brooks: “As a partner for the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games, we sought to create a pair of shoes that celebrate the spirit of the USA Games and of all Special Olympic athletes. The shoe is a statement of inclusion, and we can’t wait to see it on the feet of the athletes!”