CBP And Nike Inc. Partner To Fight Counterfeits

CBP And Nike Inc. Partner To Fight Counterfeits

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced a new formal partnership arrangement with Nike Inc. as part of the Donations Acceptance Program. Under its partnership with CBP, Nike Inc. is donating proprietary technology to aid in authenticating a variety of Nike Inc. merchandise and prevent counterfeit products from entering the U.S.

CBP and Nike, Inc. will test the tool at a limited number of international mail and express consignment facilities.

“As criminal organizations use proceeds from counterfeit sales to fund other illegal activity, our partnerships help strengthen our border security posture through innovation and resource optimization,” said Diane Sabatino, deputy executive assistant commissioner, CBP Office of Field Operations. “Our partnerships with stakeholders are vital to CBP’s enforcement mission and continued success in protecting U.S. businesses and consumers from counterfeit goods.”

“Trade in counterfeit and pirated goods threatens America’s innovation economy, the competitiveness of businesses and, in some cases, national security and the health and safety of consumers. To deter the importation of illicit goods and protect U.S. consumers and businesses, CBP has developed a proactive, aggressive and dynamic enforcement approach to Intellectual Property Right (IPR) enforcement,” said the CBP.

In Fiscal Year 2020, CBP employees nationwide seized 26,503 shipments containing counterfeit goods that would have been worth nearly $1.3 billion had they been genuine.