CCILU International Inc. Reforms Its Global Organization

CCILU International Inc. Reforms Its Global Organization

CILU International Inc. (“CCILU”) announced today International Brand Partners Private Limited (“IBP”) is no longer the business entity licensing the trademark “CCILU” and operating CCILU footwear worldwide.

CCLU, as the owner of the brand, has been making every effort to protect and build up the brand without any hesitation. Therefore, CCILU determined to reform its global structure and implement this new operation model in order to conduct more vertically integrated way to develop CCILU footwear, which is believed to be a much stronger and more sustainable strategy to build up a competitive global franchise.

Wilson Hsu, CEO of CCILU, expressed his sincere appreciation to all the brand’s distribution partners and suppliers for having faith in this brand and continuously supporting the brand in the past few years. Hsu is now teaming up a much stronger global distribution with keeping with most of his existing distributors and sharpening his supply chain strategy with extending the sourcing into Vietnam and other TPP countries. In the past CCILU had a China – oriented supply strategy.


In 2011, Hsu founded the brand CCILU and successfully launched the brand in Japan receiving tremendous popularity. Its products combine states of the art performance technology with innovative, fashionable, fun, cool, and sexy design, to produce unique commercial “everyday” footwear. The brand’s signature style AMAZON SUMMER, designed by Hsu himself, won the Silver Award of Design at the 72th International Gift Show in Tokyo.

After opening up the Japan market, CCILU made its global launch at Bread and Butter Show in Berlin in 2012. The progression has not been only credited to the unique design, but also to the strongly experienced team who created innovative and technically superior compound – CCILUCELL – the essential component (especially for the soles) of every pair of CCILU footwear, and its strong network of international distributors and relationships with trades and their trusts in the mission and vision of CCILU.

For the long term, Hsu wants to build CCILU a well-recognized global footwear leader, extend CCILU beyond footwear, and build CCILU as a fully presented lifestyle brand.

Besides CCILU owned footwear brand, in the year 2015, RegettaCanoe (“RC”) became the second baby of CCILU. RegettaCanoe is a legend Japanese footwear brand since 2012.

About RegettaCanoe

RegettaCanoe was founded in Osaka by a talented shoe designer Yasuo Takamoto in 2012 and is now well-known throughout Japan.

In 2005, Takamoto took over his family’s well-established footwear manufacturing business established by his father, Shigeo Takamoto, since 1968. With the original products and technology, Takamoto continued to evolve and design a new series of ergonomic footwear inspired by the traditional Geta (Japanese clog). In 2007, his first inspiration of RegettaCanoe was introduced to the market, and in 2012 the company had the first attempt to challenge the global market and started from Korea, and expanded the distribution into Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand. 2015 was the year to kick off for the global market along with CCILU International Inc. and CCILU’s innovative technologies of chemical compound and the cutting edge forming injection products.