Clarks Americas to Build New Corporate Headquarters (Pic)

Clarks Americas to Build New Corporate Headquarters (Pic)

Clarks Americas, Inc., a subsidiary of C&J Clark Limited of Somerset, England, announced plans to design and build new corporate headquarters in Waltham, MA. The fifteen year lease on the 120,000 ft2 property was signed today.

The new office, located at 1265 Main Street, will occupy a four-story, single-tenant building facing the main thoroughfare of Route 128, with construction beginning in May 2015. The building is expected to be certified as LEED Silver, a reflection of its energy efficiency and use of recycled materials. (Right: A rendering of the front entrance of Clarks Americas, Inc.’s new office at 1265 Main in Waltham.)

Clarks’ newest office will feature a range of advantageous amenities: an expansive roof deck, 5,000ft2 private outdoor terrace, employee retail store, employee fitness center, 10’ high windows, 50’ skylights, a three-story lobby, covered parking, and much more. The interior design will promote creative collaboration, support varied work styles, and be representative of the ingenuity, quality, and care that goes into each pair of Clarks shoes. As part of the 1265 Main campus, Clarks will be in walking distance of a number of existing businesses including restaurants, retail shops, and a grocery store.

“We’re thrilled to announce the new location of our corporate office at 1265 Main at CityPoint and are looking forward to the many advantages it will provide our people and business,” said Geralyn R. Breig, President of Clarks Americas, Inc. “Waltham is the next great place for our people to thrive and for Clarks to design stylish, comfortable shoes that meet the needs of our consumers and retail partners. This is a very exciting move for Clarks and I’m confident that 1265 Main will be a great fit for many years to come.”

Boston Properties, one of the largest developers of first-class office properties in the United States, is the lead developer of the property. “From our first meeting with Clarks, we have been impressed with their commitment to creating ‘Great Space and Place.’ So many companies ‘talk the talk’ but do not end up following through on the commitment to create a great physical environment for their people. Clarks’ new headquarters at 1265 Main at CityPoint will set them apart as a leader in thoughtful workplace design and enhance the long-term wellbeing of their associates. Boston Properties and our partners, 1265 Main Street LLC, are thrilled to welcome this international brand to 1265 Main at CityPoint,” said Bryan Koop, Senior Vice President & Regional Manager, Boston Properties

The interior design bid was awarded to ADD, Inc now with Stantec. The exterior design bid was awarded to Spagnolo Gisness & Associates, Inc. Both design teams are based in Boston, Massachusetts. Clarks’ employees will play a key role in the design and aesthetic of the building, with a committee made up of cross-functional personnel already meeting regularly. Move-in will happen in phases and is planned for late Fall 2016.

“It is great news that the shell of the original Polaroid building will be transformed into first-class office space. On a personal note, my feet have enjoyed being in Clarks shoes for years! I wholeheartedly welcome Clarks to the City of Waltham and thank all involved in bringing this successful venture to our City,” said Waltham Mayor Jeannette A. McCarthy.