Crocs Launches Twitter Campaign

Crocs Launches Twitter Campaign

Crocs partnered with advertising agency McKinney to launch a new interactive advertising campaign on Twitter. The campaign allows users to style their own fashion show that takes place – virtually – on a water slide.

Consumers are able to pick a pair of shoes and some apparel for a fashion model of their choice to wear while going down a waterslide. There are 135 pre-shot videos that include up to 45 different combinations of Crocs and clothing.

The Twitter ad campaign will allow Crocs to display their ads on the top of the trending topics list on Twitter with copy incorporating the #FindYourFun hashtag.

The new campaign leverages the brand’s catchphrase, #FindYourFun, to build momentum on social media. In addition to the Crocs Funway Runway, the campaign will run on TV, digital and social media channels. The campaign is the largest marketing investment in the brand’s 12-year history.

Info on the campaign is here.