Crocs re-emergences one step at a time (FDRA mentioned)

Crocs re-emergences one step at a time (FDRA mentioned)

These days, you can get Crocs as flip-flops, boatshoes, loafers, and even high heels and golf shoes.

The one-time, one-trick pony, whose rubber-like clogs were all the rage seven years ago, saw its fortune implode, but is rebooting through diversification. All told, more than 300 footwear items made by Crocs Inc. are available through a wide distribution network.

The company that almost went bankrupt by flooding the market with just a smattering of styles a few years ago had to ask itself how to avoid the same fate as it floods the market with scores of different varieties.

“We didn’t have enough new styles, and shoe stores began dropping us,” Chief Executive John McCarvel said.

But Crocs learned its lesson. “You have to evolve from a product to a brand,” Mr. McCarvel said. “If you don’t, you’ll have a short history.”

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