DSW Inc. Announces Management Changes 

DSW Inc. Announces Management Changes 

DSW Inc. promoted Carrie McDermott, currently executive vice president, sales and operations, to executive vice president and chief operating officer as part of the promotion of several key executives.

The changes will be effective on February 2, 2015.

Mike MacDonald, president and chief executive officer, commented, “These changes are being made to strengthen the company’s organization, establish a single pyramid in charge of all customer touch points, increase bench strength, and balance workload in those parts of the organization that are undergoing significant change.  We remain committed to delivering a differentiated customer experience and we believe these changes will help ensure that goal.”

McDermott has been at DSW for more than eight years.  An important objective of our omni-channel work is to provide our customers a seamless experience across all touch points.   McDermott, in addition to her current responsibilities for Stores, DSW.com site operations, and the Shoephoria call center, will assume the responsibility for marketing.  With this change McDermott will be able to ensure a consistent customer experience for customers shopping in stores or online, for customers interacting with the Shoephoria Center, and for customers receiving our marketing messages.

Bill Jordan, currently executive vice president and general counsel, will be appointed executive vice president and chief administrative officer.  In his nine years with DSW, Jordan has taken on increasing responsibilities and has demonstrated strong management skills over a diverse group of functions, including Legal, Real Estate, and Human Resources.  He now adds Information Technology to his portfolio of responsibilities.

Roger Rawlins, executive vice president, omni-channel will be appointed executive vice president and chief innovation officer.  In his nine years at DSW, Rawlins has served as controller, general manager of DSW.com, and  most recently has led our omni-channel initiative.  Omni-channel is a function that is driving changes into the business operations of the company to conform to the rapidly changing expectations of customers.  Given the importance of innovation-led growth, the company is renaming the omni-channel team the Innovation Office.  The scope of the new Innovation Office will be expanded  to include strategic planning, innovation, and project implementation.

Harris Mustafa, executive vice president, supply chain, will be appointed executive vice president and chief supply chain officer.  Mustafa has been at DSW for more than eight years.  The scope of the supply chain function continues to evolve as a part of our omni-channel initiative.  The company has recently begun implementation of its assortment planning system, consolidated the stores and .com planning and buying functions, and is continuing to invest in its distribution and fulfillment capabilities.