Ecco Launches “Perpetual Natural Motion” Brand Campaign

Ecco Launches “Perpetual Natural Motion” Brand Campaign

Ecco released its new brand campaign– “Perpetual Natural Motion.”

The campaign kicks off with a short film shot by Per-Hampus Stålhandske. With this project, Ecco shares its long-held vision of nature as an inspiration, combined with its dream of imbuing its footwear designs with its own unique version of perpetual natural motion – the same ideal that the brand, its design ethos, engineering and production teams choose to live by.

In today’s digital world, consumers are searching for authenticity. There’s a newfound interest in how things are made – and what they’re made of. With nearly 55 years of heritage, Ecco already has an authentic story, and looks forward to telling it a slightly different way.

“For most brands, coming across as ‘authentic’ is a marketing exercise,” said Liam Maher, director global creative, Ecco. “Our ‘Perpetual Natural Motion’ statement is based on truth, not just another generic consumer message. We’re committed to saying things straight, and being held accountable for them.”

From the very beginning Ecco has been motivated by a deeply-held Danish design ethos, with work characterized by a modern sense of utility, like the space-age art & science of injection technology, and inspired by nature and truth to materials, demonstrated by Ecco’s commitment to the ancient heritage and alchemy of premium leatherwork. This duality gives birth to the new brand platform, and its tagline:

Premium Materials x Dynamic Comfort Perpetual Natural Motion

These themes are brought to life through the short film, which will go live on Ecco owned digital channels. The film uses the power and creativity of music as well as stunning visual effects to tell the story of Ecco’s dedication to materials and technology, inspiration from nature, and fusion of traditional brand heritage with the future of shoemaking.

“This film demonstrates the richness, expressivity, sensuality and tactility of premium leathercraft colliding with the high-impact excitement, energy and dynamic tempo of cutting-edge footwear engineering,” said filmmaker Per-Hampus Stålhandske. “Viewers will see these opposites attract and fuse together to produce something completely new – the essential and beautiful balance of nature.”

Through digital communications, Ecco retail stores and a complete e-commerce experience, the campaign will continue to demonstrate Ecco’s brand values of premium leather and dynamic comfort. The “Perpetual Natural Motion” philosophy will also continue to influence the way the brand designs and manufactures the latest and greatest in stylish and comfortable footwear – including outdoor, casual, dress, golf, and sport styles – as well as leather accessories for men and women. Footwear collections to note include:

  • SOFT 7 – Available for men and women, the SOFT 7 sneaker blends classic comfort -perfect for “pleasant walking”- with everyday Scandinavian style. It has consistently been one of Ecco’s bestselling collections since its introduction in 2015 – with subtle updates every season to give it an understated, contemporary twist.
  • SOFT 8 – Currently Ecco’s most popular collection for men and women, the stylish and modern SOFT 8 sneaker offers technical features designed to promote comfort with every step, it makes the perfect accessory for casual wear all season, moving effortlessly from summer to autumn.
  • KINHIN – One of the newest offerings for men and women, the KINHIN sneaker elevates comfort with its CORKSPHERE® Suspended Footbed, a unique feature with cork that conforms to the shape of your foot. Externally, its clean silhouette and minimalist Danish design makes it a stylish and versatile shoe.
  • SHAPE – This collection of innovative women’s shoes features a unique shank (the supportive structure between the insole and outsole) and an outsole made of PU, creating a lightweight and flexible outsole for better shock absorption. Ecco was the first company on the market to use this technology in heels.

This campaign is also significant in that it is the first campaign being led by Ecco’s new creative director Liam Maher, who joined the company in January of 2017. Maher’s 30-year career in the industry includes creative positions with leading footwear and apparel companies such as Timberland, Burton, Oilily and most recently Denham Jeans.