Compare GTI’s finish to any other C-6, C-8 or C-0 DWR and you’ll find it exceeds in durability because it’s permanently hyper-fused to the individual fabric fibers, and there’s no reason to ever refresh the jacket with an additional spray or wash-in finish.

The technology will debut in BD’s Spring 2019 Distance Wind Shell, shown left, and grow in future seasons into the BD.Dry ski, alpine and rainwear collections.

The Woolmark Company, a subsidiary of Australian Wool Innovation, a not-for-profit company owned by more than 24,000 Australian woolgrowers, is taking an active role in educating the internal Black Diamond R&D team and connecting them with a greater range of wool suppliers, which is great for the smaller wool growers.

Black Diamond’s Rhythm Tee features a breakthrough co-developed with Nuyarn Merino wool fabric technology at a superlight 95g/meter. That’s a big deal because it makes a significantly lighter tee that’s more durable, which means it’s going to perform a whole lot better when you wear it.

Rhythm’s Nuyarn fabric also dries 5x faster than Merino and gives you 35 percent more stretch, so it’s a powerhouse breathable base layer for trail running. Besides being able to throw it into the washing machine, the tee is certified by the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS).

“Collaborating with such an iconic brand as Black Diamond and its core group of active users allows us to showcase the natural benefits of Merino wool, including thermo-regulation, odor management and movement in the context of cutting edge design and innovation.The very nature of our relationship demonstrates the versatility of Merino wool and the vision of Black Diamond’s apparel design team.” — Stuart McCullough, managing director, The Woolmark Company

Another key driver of BD’s Spring 2019 apparel collection is If you don’t know the name, it’s a  mineral based in-fiber cooling technology that reflects 71-percent of near-infrared rays and reduces your body temperature. was created for elite climbers and mountain runners who love it. So why not use the technology in tops for Spring 2019 for everyone.

And then’s there is the partnership with YKK, the world’s oldest and largest zipper manufacturer. You’re getting a 40 percent lighter zipper in BD’s Deploy Wind Shell that uses 5 denier nylon fabric which comes out of Toray, Japan and weighs just 48 grams.

When you wear this jacket, it will be one of the lightest wind protection shells you’ll ever own. The hangtag will read, “Little Parts. Big Difference.”

Last, but not least, BD worked with Cordura on its Forged Denim Spring collection. You’re going to see a combination of unbelievably light and stretchy fabric with climbing specific features.

The future of performance clothing will continue to evolve with brands like Polartec and Black Diamond leading the way. The greatest of these achievements is smart textiles that are more kind to our environment and are having a lasting impact on athletic, extreme sports and our military industries. And we are greatful for that.

Photos courtesy Polartec and Black Diamond