Famous Footwear‘s new ad campaign, A Letter to Mom, A Must See

Famous Footwear‘s new ad campaign, A Letter to Mom, A Must See

ST. LOUIS — Mother’s Day is about victory. That’s the message behind Famous Footwear‘s new campaign, A Letter to Mom. The company has launched a new video, celebrating how Mom makes a winning difference in our lives. The seasonal promotion also includes retail discounts that extend through Mother’s Day.

See the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJH4NZ8joSw

Working with video crowdsourcing company Poptent, Famous Footwear opened its Mother’s Day theme to roughly 20 of the Poptent community’s 64,000 independent filmmakers, and the result is a new video that reflects on Mom’s positive impact. The 64-second message features a cast of family members who bring Mom’s victory to life through sentimental examples of how she’s already won our hearts and minds.

“We’re sharing something we hope will resonate with moms, sons, daughters and fathers everywhere,” said Will Smith, senior vice president of marketing for Famous Footwear. “In celebrating Mother’s Day — and Mom — we’re reminding her that our victories are really hers. That’s a message we hope many people will share with us — and the family members who make that real for them.”

As part of the promotion, Famous Footwear is also providing a 15 percent discount on famous shoe brands, making it easy for moms and families to share and save for the season. To claim an electronic coupon, go to www.famousfootwear.com/mothersday.

The company encourages consumers to view and share the new video and retail discounts with Mom this season as one more way to help make Mother’s Day — or any day — special for her.