Fashion Girls are Flocking to Foot Locker

Fashion Girls are Flocking to Foot Locker

In this age of blink-and-you-miss-it fashion trends, it can be hard to really know what’s cool.

But one surefire way of knowing what’s “in” is by looking at what all the cool fashion kids are wearing. And what are they wearing right now? Sneakers. Not Chucks, not sneaker wedges, but bona fide running shoes–we’re talking the kind your athletic dad might wear.

So what got all the fashion girls running to Foot Locker? This writer posits that Phoebe Philo has a lot to do with it. Philo has been wearing athletic sneakers–New Balance 993s, Nike Air Max’s–at high-profile events and to take her bow at the end of Celine’s shows for a couple of years now. As Into the Gloss recently pointed out, the designer even got snapped in her Nike Vortexes for Vogue‘s March issue.

“Philo rocks a pair of Nikes like no one’s business,” ITG’s Emily Weiss said. “Probably because she pairs them with 16-ply cashmere.”

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