Industry Experts: TTIP Not Dead

Industry Experts: TTIP Not Dead

With all the focus on trade this election cycle, one trade deal in particular has come under the spotlight.

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel over the weekend alluded to the fact that the European Union and U.S. trade deal is on the rocks, saying that the negotiations have “failed” and that no one on either side of the agreement is willing to say it aloud.

The comments left some insiders scratching their heads and trade offices reassuring businesses negotiations are progressing.

“TTIP is very much on the front burner,” said Steve Lamar, EVP of the American Apparel and Footwear Association. “I think there is a lot of energy and momentum behind this. They’ve done 14 rounds of negotiations already, and I think that it’ll go longer than thought. That’s no surprise, though, because TPP took 20 official rounds and 20 unofficial rounds of talks.”

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