Job Opening at Steve Madden, Ltd.

Job Opening at Steve Madden, Ltd.

Job Description- Assistant Compliance Manager 

Overview: This position assists in maintaining key customer /company compliance programs and supporting the logistics department. Must maintain and stay current on adherence to the Federal guidelines on product testing protocols.  Qualified applications should email a cover letter and resume to

Major Responsibilities (include but are not limited to):

  • Gather documents, and analyze daily testing reports
  • Maintain product testing log on daily basis
  • Communicate daily with the traffic team keeping them apprised of product

test results and advise on interpretations of test results when needed

  • Review daily schedule with Global Compliance manager status of projects assigned
  • Work with Global Compliance Manager when directed on Customer Social Compliance programs
  • Maintain the product testing log and the product waiver log on a daily basis
  • Issuance and tracking of any waivers granted for release of shipping
  • of goods on purchase orders
  • Communicate with production teams reinforcing Global Compliance and

the communication of Federal and Prop 65 regulations.

  • Matching Invoices to Product testing reports for all products tested in Vietnam.  Must present matching documents invoice with the identified product test report to the Global Compliance & Product Testing manager for approval and further processing
  • Work with our supplier reinforcing Global Compliance and communication of Federal and Prop 65 regulations.
  • Maintain product compliance testing records for all children’s products  and accessories
  • The issuance of General Certificates of compliance for all departments.
  • Send daily wrap up on progress on assignments or projects with Global Compliance ·