Jockey Debuts Footwear

Jockey Debuts Footwear

Jockey International Inc. has granted Eastman Group the first license to produce men’s and women’s casual footwear under the Jockey brand name. Eastman will design, manufacture and market casual footwear, slippers, flip flops and athleisure styles for men and women under the Jockey label.

Athleisure, a combination of casual and active lifestyles, will be the focus of the collection, filling a void in the industry with comfortable, casual and durable footwear for a variety of activity levels.

Founded in 1986, The Eastman Group specializes in technical fabrics and innovative techniques, which the companies believe match Jockey’s mission to provide high quality, comfortable and innovative apparel to consumers.

“We have found an ideal match with the Eastman Group, which has extensive knowledge of the footwear industry to pair with Jockey’s expertise in textile technology and comfort features,” said Milou Gwyn, VP of licensing at Jockey International, Inc. “This seamless integration of quality, cross-functional and technology-driven footwear falls perfectly in line with Jockey’s commitment to deliver innovative products.”

Jockey’s new men’s and women’s footwear collections will feature cutting edge materials that regulate temperature; cooling in warm weather and insulating in the cold. The shoes will also include moisture-wicking fabrics with anti-microbial properties. The full collection will feature slippers in the fall months, sandals in the warmer seasons and casual athleisure footwear year-round.

The new Jockey footwear collection will debut with a soft launch for the spring/summer 2016 season, with a full launch in fall/winter 2016.