Kohl’s Partners With Weight Watchers

Kohl’s Partners With Weight Watchers

Kohl’s announced a new, strategic collaboration with WW, formerly Weight Watchers, to pilot a variety of health and wellness offerings to help customers and Kohl’s associates on their wellness journeys. The projects include the debut of its first in-store WW Studio, the introduction of WW Healthy Kitchen products at select Kohl’s stores and on Kohls.com, as well as subsidized WW Freestyle program memberships for Kohl’s associates through Kohl’s Healthy Rewards.

“We want to encourage families to lead healthy and fulfilled lives, and a strategic partnership with WW provides the opportunity to further advocate for the health and wellbeing of Kohl’s customers and our associates,” said Michelle Gass, Kohl’s chief executive officer. “As a destination for active and wellness for the entire family, we continue to seek out new ideas that support our customers’ health goals.”

“As we aim to become the world’s partner in wellness, we are continuously looking for ways to make wellness more accessible,” said Mindy Grossman, president and CEO, WW. “By collaborating with Kohl’s, we will give people new experiences and ways to engage with WW as we build our wellness ecosystem, while getting access to unique products and tools to help them on their journey. We know the Kohl’s customer is also our customer, so offering our Workshops through a WW Studio at Kohl’s is a new way for us to meet people where they are.”

Together, Kohl’s and WW are exploring a variety of wellness offerings including:

  • WW Studio at Kohl’s – In 2019, Kohl’s will create a pilot community space, leveraging approximately 1,800 square feet inside a Kohl’s store in the Chicago market, to host WW Wellness Workshops for local WW members, as well as a specially curated WW space for Kohl’s customers and associates.
  • WW Healthy Kitchen Products at Select Kohl’s Stores and Kohls.com – Beginning in June 2019, Kohl’s will introduce an assortment of WW Healthy Kitchen products – including the new line of health-conscious WW-branded kitchenware and cookware, as well as products and tools for food and meal preparation, storage and hydration – in select stores and an expanded selection online. WW Healthy Kitchen products – designed to make healthy cooking and eating easier – will be part of a wide selection of home and lifestyle wellness products available at Kohl’s, including fitness wearables, sleep habits and aromatherapy.
  • WW Freestyle Memberships for Kohl’s Associates – WW has been a part of the Kohl’s community since 2012 through subsidized WW memberships to Kohl’s associates to help them achieve their wellness goals. To further enhance Kohl’s commitment to empowering associates to design a life they love, Kohl’s has newly added WW to its robust benefits offerings in Kohl’s Healthy Rewards. Kohl’s associates who complete Healthy Rewards will have access to subsidized WW memberships and, in 2019, access to a free three-month WW Digital membership. This membership gives associates access to the WW Freestyle program.