LAZR Footwear Showcase Introduces FOUNDRY and MARKET To Its New Show Cycle

LAZR Footwear Showcase Introduces FOUNDRY and MARKET To Its New Show Cycle

by Tanita S. Gray  (Last-Report.com

The Footwear focused trade-show is the first of its kind to offer a lifestyle aspect and consumer interaction to the shoe show circuit. FOUNDRY – an alcove of apparel, denim, accessories and jewelry, makes it easy to merchandise and view lifestyle components as well as discover emerging local brands under one roof.

MARKET is the successful consumer component to the show where consumers can shop direct their favorite brands. This is the answer to cash-now revenue for any exhibitor looking to move inventory or release new product on sale now or simply preview a new line and test real market reaction.

New and emerging brands can find a home with LAZR as well as mass-market margin builders. The current shortlist of brands include: Sam Edelman, Free Bird by Steven, Skora running shoes,  Antelope, NoLabel, Dolce Vita, Ego And Greed Shoes –  with most being return exhibitors.

Scheduled two weeks out from Market Week in Los Angeles, on November 4th and 5th, LAZR promises to showcase the newest items in the collections that have not been seen during market week and that are right on target for Immediate, At Once and Pre-Spring 2014.

LAZR represents a show that is innovative, interactive and inspiring for the footwear industry. It encompasses three very important elements that dictate the success of the brand; retailer, manufacturer and consumer. The new LAZR campaign reads; “We Are…Designers, Brands, Buyers, Retailers & Consumers.”

CEO and Founder, John Ruffo is confident in the success of the show for the footwear industry;  “One by one, person by person, people are saying YES to LAZR.”

There is still time to Exhibit and Attend LAZR: