MAGIC: Kids’ Footwear Trends for Spring ’17

MAGIC: Kids’ Footwear Trends for Spring ’17

Children’s footwear next spring is a wearable “Choose Your Own Adventure” with trends spanning fairytale delights to tropical adventures. MAGIC described the top four trends for kids in their Spring ’17 children’s trend report. Here’s a look at the season’s highlights.

Out & About

The Northwest, not the North West, inspires Magic’s adventure story for Spring ’17. Taking cues from the outdoor market, the kids’ trend calls desert boots, Chelsea boots, canvas slip-ons, mocs and footbed sandals in a heap of nature-inspired uppers. Animal and critter prints—abstract, illustrated and photo real—decorate uppers, as well as camouflage, embroideries, beading and a bit of fringe.

Fun & Games

The new crop of sneakers and casuals are built to withstand any and all playdate. MAGIC reported that kids’ brands are zeroing on functional elements like double Velcro closures and lace-less or pull-on silhouettes, however the styles are far from basic. Color blocking, denim, light up soles and retro motifs are packing a punch of personality to these kicks.

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