Matt Preist on the Border Adjustment Tax

Matt Preist on the Border Adjustment Tax

Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America President & CEO: Border Adjustment Tax Getting in the Way of Growth and Job Creation

Issues Statement Following Speaker Ryan’s Tax Reform Push in Lawrence, MA

Lawrence, Massachusetts – Following Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) visit today to a New Balance shoes manufacturing facility, Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America (FDRA) President & CEO Matt Priest made the following statement:

“We appreciate Speaker Ryan talking about the footwear industry and the importance of tax reform today, but footwear companies across America are deeply concerned that the Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) is still being considered in Congress. Imposing a new tax on everyone who buys and sells shoes, on top of the huge tariff burden consumers already pay, is simply not the right approach, and it is getting in the way of the growth and job creation that could be achieved from tax reform. FDRA encourages Speaker Ryan to remove the BAT, and we stand ready to work with him on tax reform that will help grow our economy and create new footwear jobs across our supply chains.”

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