Meet ShoeBloxx: The “Lego of Shoes”

Meet ShoeBloxx: The “Lego of Shoes”

Sustainability is a growing trend within the footwear industry, and shoes featuringmodular designs are one solution to the problem of footwear waste.

Malaysia-based startup DoYouShoe has launched a new IndieGoGo campaign, ShoeBloxx, which uses a modular design featuring interchangeable parts that can be swapped in and out.

Each pair is broken down into three components that can be customized with the wearer’s original designs and unique color combinations to suit the wearer’s personal style. Shoebloxx are 100 percent recyclable and machine washable, meaning that wearers need only replace parts as they wear out, rather than throwing away the entire shoe.

“After years of experimenting and talking with the people, it all came down to one simple idea. What if we ‘break’ the shoe into parts? By doing so, you can save money by replacing sections rather than buying an entire new pair,” said ShoeBloxx Designer Nurali Rahman.

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