Micro-Pak Ltd. announces completion of prestigious Cradle to Cradle Certified program for its PE Sticker and PE Sheet products

Micro-Pak Ltd. announces completion of prestigious Cradle to Cradle Certified program for its PE Sticker and PE Sheet products

Micro-Pak, Ltd, the Hong Kong-based worldwide distributor of leading protection packaging, Micro-Pak®, has earned Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCMSilver designation for all of its products.

“The Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM program completion demonstrates environmental performance and our leadership and commitment to sustainability and safety,” said Sal Cesario, Global Sales & Marketing Manager of Micro-Pak, Ltd. “At a time when toxins increasingly infiltrate the supply chain, our customers can rest easy knowing that our products have achieved certification that clearly differentiates us on performance and company values.”

“We are pleased to announce that Micro-Pak has completed this Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM program and congratulate them on meeting the extensive and rigorous standards in safety and sustainability for their products.  They are the first company in their industry to achieve this milestone,” said Bridgett Luther, President, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. “As an industry leader Micro-Pak products come into contact with consumers through the packaging of a wide variety of apparel and footwear products. Consumers can be reassured that this company is committed to a long-term strategy to create products that make the world better.”

The Cradle to Cradle Certified CM Silver is a third-party certification awarded after a rigorous six-month process that includes analysis of each and every ingredient used in Micro-Pak products.  The comprehensive assessment evaluates each material’s impact on human health and the environment throughout its lifecycle.

“The Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM program is an important validation of our sustainability mission to eliminate any negative environmental impacts of our business,” said Jon Blumenauer, Sustainability Officer for Micro-Pak.  “The certification of our products confirms that our efforts meet the highest standards in product safety and environmental performance for our clients and consumers, and provides a platform for continuous improvement.”

About Micro-Pak®
Micro-Pak Ltd is the worldwide exclusive distributor of Micro-Pak® Enhanced Packaging Stickers and Micro-Pak PE® sheets.  Founded in 1998, Micro-Pak Ltd is a leading supplier of packaging material for the footwear, apparel, bag and accessories industries. Micro-Pak® maintains corporate offices in Hong Kong, Arnhem Netherlands, New York, NY and Portland OR. For additional information, please call 503-747-5755 in the U.S. or visit the company’s website at www.micropakltd.com.