New Pats receiver bares sole in Foot Locker spot

New Pats receiver bares sole in Foot Locker spot

May 14–Newly installed New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola has lent his colorful personality to a new Foot Locker television ad debuting today that pits his recognizability against that of ASICS’ vibrant running shoes.

In the 30-second “Park Run” spot, the 27-year-old shrugs off the notion that ASICS will help him “get some attention” because he’s “kind of a big deal in New England right now.” Amendola can’t convince a female runner who is in the ad.

It will air nationwide for about a month and have a strong viral presence through company websites and social media channels, Foot Locker officials said.

In reality, Amendola said time will tell how quickly he will be recognized outside the football field.

“I haven’t really been out in public or anything too much,” Amendola told the Herald. “When it comes to football, I’m strictly business, but there’s other aspects in my life where I guess you could say I’m charismatic sometimes.”

Foot Locker’s latest marketing campaign with the Japanese athletic footwear company, called “Stand Out with Colors That Run,” also includes a 30-second “Juice Bar” commercial that features San Francisco 49ers inside linebacker Patrick Willis in a similar scenario.

The campaign involves Foot Locker’s in-store product promotion of ASICS’ Noosa, Kayano, Nimbus and Cumulus shoe styles, said Jed Berger, the retailer’s vice president of brand marketing.

“Boston is obviously such an incredible sports town, so whenever somebody new comes to town it’s exciting, and Danny certainly is exciting,” Berger said. “It’s a fun play off of the Boston sports scene and his arrival.”

While Amendola, who signed a five-year, $31 million contract with the Pats in March, said he had “a lot of fun” filming the commercial, he doesn’t plan to quit his day job.

“I don’t think I’ll be embarking on any acting careers anytime soon,” he said.

Amendola added he will keep his word about donating $100 for every reception and $200 for every drop this season to a Boston Marathon relief fund as he moves his charity, Catches For Kids, to the Hub.

“I’m excited about moving it out to Boston and seeing what ideas we can come up with,” he said.