News You Can’t Use: Celine Dion owns 3000 pairs of shoes

News You Can’t Use: Celine Dion owns 3000 pairs of shoes

Her heart will go on… and so will her shoe collection. Celine Dion, 45, revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that the closet in her Florida home is so big that it currently houses 3000 pairs.

The Canadian crooner has the sumptuous home on the market and it can be yours for just 71 million dollars, although she won’t be throwing in the slingbacks. Ellen, who was presiding over her titular show, attempted to try and describe the grandeur of Dion’s home.

She said: ‘Don’t you have a dry cleaning rack that goes around with the clothes?’ Celine then explained: ‘It’s not that it’s the prettiest thing but it’s like glass doors that open and the reason that we use that dry cleaner thing is this is where you can hold the most clothes.’

She then added: ‘I also have a beautiful closet..for the shoes because you know how crazy I am for the shoes.’

And when Ellen asked how many she currently houses, she replied with a shocking ‘3000.’
The singer was quick to then splutter: ‘It doesn’t come with my shoes…the house…’

And when Ellen countered: ‘For 71 million, throw your shoes in,’ Celine did what she does best and broke into song.

To the strands of Lisa Stansfield’s Been Around the World, Celine furled out a ditty about being indecisive when it comes to choosing a pair: ‘Maybe…..I don’t want to wear those.’