Nike Introduces First CrossFit Shoe

Nike Introduces First CrossFit Shoe

Nike introduced what many consider its first shoe aimed at CrossFit athletes. The Nike MetCon 1 is designed to “support workouts through the highest levels of competition,” including activities such as weight lifting, rope climbing as well as running, cutting and jumping.

Nike noted in a statement that it had first redefined training and opened up a whole new footwear category 27 years ago with the breakthrough Nike Air Trainer 1.

“We want this shoe to be an asset that helps athletes push their training, every workout, every day,” says Drew Conant, Nike Training Footwear product director. “The MetCon 1 is lightweight, strong and super versatile, which can help give athletes an advantage in competition. The shoe is designed to keep up with athletes no matter what they throw at it during their training.”

The Nike MetCon 1 is available at and select retail locations beginning Jan. 31

The release included a quote from CrossFit athlete, Josh Bridges.

“I want to put on a shoe and know that it’s going to work — just do its job,” said Bridges. “The Nike MetCon 1 is my shoe because it does it all. It’s everything I need for training and competing and nothing I don’t, which is the holy grail for me.”

Nike’s news release is here.