Nike Top-Ranked Brand In Addressing Consumer Social Behavior

Nike Top-Ranked Brand In Addressing Consumer Social Behavior

Nike leads all other brands when it comes to understanding the  habits of the social consumer, according to Vivaldi’s 2016 Social Currency study.

Vivaldi introduced the term “Social Currency” in 2010 and the findings of the 90-brand study are based on an online survey of more 18,000 U.S. consumers in a partnership with research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey. Social Currency “measures the ability of brands to fit into how consumers manage their social lives in today’s digital and mobile age,” according to the report.

The study also revealed that Nike had a Social Currency composite score of 120, which comes from the brand’s average score across seven different categories: personal identity, social identity, expression, conversation, affiliation, information and utility. “Nike’s score was 20 percent higher than the average of the 90 industry-leading brands covered in our study,” officials said.

The remaining ten were: Subway, Olive Garden, Southwest, Honda, Levi’s, Wendy’s, Under Armour, Chili’s and Toyota.

Among other sports brands, Under Armour’s Social Currency score was 116 while Adidas came in at 102.

“Today consumers don’t serve brands; they serve themselves,” the study noted. “They use their social connections to create their reality, to manage their lives, to get the job done whether it is searching, evaluating, buying or using a product or service or brand, and proactively talk about brands only in so far as it helps them establish themselves.”