Nike Tops Gen-Z’s Rankings for Most Authentic Brand

Nike Tops Gen-Z’s Rankings for Most Authentic Brand

Nike was ranked the “Most Authentic” brand in the active lifestyle and fashion space among Gen Z consumers in North America and Western Europe, according to YPulse, based on its latest demographic survey.

YPulse, a research firm focused on Gen Z and Millennials, said it “conducts thousands of weekly interviews as part of its YPulse youth intelligence platform.” The survey findings, centered on authentic brands, were garnered from interviews it conducted with approximately 75,000 Gen-Z’s ages 13 to 22 living in North America (the United States and Canada) and Western Europe (the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, and Spain) between July 2022 and July 2023.

In North America, Nike earned an authenticity score of 59 percent from Gen-Z respondents. Nike was followed in the Top 10 by Coca-Cola, with an authenticity score of 56 percent; YouTube, 55 percent; Oreo, 55 percent; Square’s Cash App, 55 percent; Dove, 54 percent; Jordan, 53 percent; Tide, 53 percent; Lizzo’s Yitty shapewear label, 52 percent; and PayPal, 52 percent.

Other brands in the active lifestyle and fashion space making the Top 50 list of Gen-Z’s authentic brands in North America included Crocs, #21 with a score of 49 percent; Vans, #36 with a score of 46 percent; Gatorade, #41 with a score of 45 percent; and Adidas, #49 with a score of 44 percent.

Among retailers, Target ranked at #11 with a score of 52 percent; Amazon, #16 with a score of 50 percent; Canadian Tire, #33 with a score of 46 percent; and The Home Depot, #37 with a score of 46 percent. Among sports leagues, the NBA ranked #20 with a score of 49 percent and the NFL #28 with 47 percent.

In YPulse’s survey of Gen-Z respondents from Western Europe, the Top 10 Authentic Brands were Nike with a score of 68 percent; Apple, 59 percent; PayPal, 58 percent; Lacoste, 57 percent; Coca-Cola, 55 percent; Fédération Française de Football, 55 percent; dm-drogerie markt, 53 percent; Mulino Bianco, 52 percent; Adidas, 52 percent; and YouTube, 51 percent.

Among Other active lifestyle and fashion brands, Jordan ranked #15 with 50 percent; Intimissimi, #26 at 47 percent; Hermes, #44 at 44 percent; and Tezenis, #48 scoring 43 percent.