NPD Releases 2013 Footwear Retail Landscape Report

NPD Releases 2013 Footwear Retail Landscape Report

Port Washington, NY, August 12, 2013– The NPD Group, Inc., a global information company, released the 2013 edition of its Footwear Retail Landscape Report*. This report, part of NPD’s The Retail & Brand Landscape Series 2013* , is a syndicated market research report that takes an in-depth look at what goes into purchase decisions being made by today’s shoppers.

The following shopper priority list is from The Footwear Retail Landscape Report 2013 and it shows the five most important priorities when shoppers are purchasing footwear.

Top Five Shopper Priorities When Making A Footwear Purchase
(Independent of Any Particular Retailer)

1 Is a store for me
2 Is where I buy clothing
3 Carries the styles I want
4 Where my friends shop
5 Has brand names I want

Source: The NPD Group, Inc. /Retail Landscape Report*

In the 2012 Retail Landscape Footwear Report, “has the brand names you want,” was ranked number 11 while this year that priority has become a more important factor when purchasing footwear ranking in the top five of shoppers’ priorities. Other priorities that were not on the top five list, but moved up in the ranks this year vs. last year were “is easy to shop,” from number 14 to number nine, and “is known for great shoes,” from number 23 to number 15.

“When it comes to footwear, it is clear that not all channels are equal,” said Cohen. “Depending on the consumer shopping, different touch points are critical for engaging them.”

The focus on engaging consumers through their shopping priorities (i.e., ‘is the store for me’ to ‘has the brand names I want’) can differ greatly, according to the type of retail channel studied. DSW and Zappos are perceived to have the styles and brand names consumers want while Macy’s and Nordstrom offer multiple categories and can draw on the desire to be a place where the consumer buys clothing (shopper priority number two).

“Consumer priorities are the foundation of the overall shopping process, which varies widely depending on the retailer and what they have to offer the consumer,” Cohen said. “A particular retailer’s ability to merge their set of strengths with their target customers’ priorities is key.”

*Methodology: Information in The Retail & Brand Landscape Series is based on a nationally representative survey of more than 70,000 consumers from The NPD Group’s online consumer panel. Consumers reviewed approximately 60 retailers and 75 brands per industry sector. This report series is available for these sectors: Apparel, Athletic Footwear, Auto, Cameras, Computers & Computer Accessories (Quarterly), Footwear, Home, Jeans, Office Supplies, Software, Tech, Toys, and TVs.