Oofos To Launch First Shoe

Oofos To Launch First Shoe

Oofos, a leader in recovery footwear, is launching its first shoe.

The line, called Oomg, will initially launch with two different slip-on styles for women, a low-cut and a high-cut, in five colorways. The launch date is May 1, just after a soft showing after the Boston Marathon Expo. A men’s collection will follow in a few months. Founded in 2011 in the Boston area, the company has primarily made sandals and clogs.

In an interview with SGB, Duncan Finigan, Oofos’ head of marketing, said the company continues to focus on evolving its Oofoam technology, which offers 37 percent more impact absorption than EVA, to serve the varied needs of its fans.

The first request for an extension from its consumer base was for a more stylish women’s sandal. That led to the Spring 2015 launch of Oolala, which Finigan described as “an immediate success” with many running shops quickly selling out.

But another common request for years across the brand’s social media sites and elsewhere has been for a year-round shoe. Said Finigan, “They wanted something closed and something more versatile.”
Three years in development, Oomg features a breakthrough construction that provides the same construction under the foot as the current OOFOS product. With traditional uppers often restricting blood flow, the upper features four-way stretch mesh to enhance recovery. A strap across the midfoot holds the foot across the arch with the strap adjustable to width. Said Finigan, “The upper is pretty amazing. People who have tried it said it feels like they don’t have any uppers on their foot.”

Oomg will focus on the run specialty channel, with Finigan believing the brand’s success is partly because those stores are best at telling the recovery story. Like its other lines, the line will also reach outdoor specialty and premium comfort independents.

The price tag between $120 and $130 represents a premium to the brand’s sandals and clogs, which range between $45 and $65. While a heftier product, the higher price also supports its construction, which includes the use of two factories.

Finigan doesn’t see price as an issue. Many fans of Oofos are already purchasing up to three-to-five pairs and buying an enclosed shoe opens up many more wearing opportunities.

“We consider Oofos ‘the after everything and onto anything shoe’ ,” said Finigan. “So it’s after the run, after camping, after skiing, etc. And then maybe going to the beach or to the party, the recovery process can continue to matter where you are going.”