Now Carrying NoSoX Footwear Now Carrying NoSoX Footwear, a lifestyle retailer committed to helping people live healthier, more eco-friendly lives, is pleased to announce the addition of NoSoX shoes to their unique assortment of casual footwear. NoSoX take a unique approach to footwear, modeling their shoes off of the quiet step of an elephant. Named after a mythical elephant said to have the ability to create clouds, the Airavata comfort system in the NoSoX eleprint sole incorporates features that give humans the ability to feel like they are walking on clouds.

NoSoX shoes are different than any other shoes on the market. “NoSoX footwear redefines the human step,” said Phil Meynard, President of Planet, Inc. “We’re sure our customers will fall in love with the unique design, comfort and style that is NoSoX footwear”. is carrying a variety of women’s, men’s, and kid’s shoes from NoSoX.

About NoSoX Shoes
NoSoX understands the versatility people are looking for in their shoes today and expectations in terms of wearability, style and comfort. This understanding has allowed NoSoX to create a footwear concept that redefines the boundaries of classic casuals. NoSoX introduces Oli the elephant, who, like all elephants, is able to walk silently due to the spongy cushion of his feet. NoSoX shares Oli’s secret to a silent, comfortable step through its unique eleprint sole and the versatility of its footwear.

About is an innovative lifestyle retailer committed to helping people live healthier, more eco-friendly lives. The first in the industry to offer a CarbonFree shipping alternative, specializes in products that blend function, style, comfort and value with eco-ethics. The company proudly offers a wide selection of shoes, bags, and other accessories from more than 190 brands. For more information, visit