Portland pimp story goes global after he sues Nike for lack of shoe warning label (links)

Portland pimp story goes global after he sues Nike for lack of shoe warning label (links)

The story about a 26-year-old Portland pimp who filed a $100 million lawsuit against Nike, posted to OregonLive.com on Friday, has gained considerable attention across the nation and the world.

Sirgiorgio Clardy, who is serving a 100-year prison sentence, claims the shoe manufacturer is partially responsible for a brutal beating that netted him a long prison term.

Clardy claims Nike should have placed a label in his Jordan shoes warning consumers that they could be used as a dangerous weapon. He was wearing a pair when he repeatedly stomped the face of a john who was trying to leave a Portland hotel without paying Clardy’s prostitute in June 2012.

In his three-page complaint handwritten from the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution in Pendleton, Clardy claims that Nike, Chairman Phil Knight and other executives failed to warn consumers that the shoes could be used as a weapon to cause serious injury or death.

Here is a sampling of the news outlets that have picked up on the story and their headlines:

Metro (UK):

“My trainers made me a psychopath: Pimp to sue Nike for millions over ‘dangerous’ shoes he used as a weapon”


“Pimp sues Nike for not labeling shoes ‘dangerous'”

The Blaze:

“A pimp’s complaint against Nike could be one of the most ridiculous lawsuits of all time”

Business Insider:

“Pimp Sues Nike For $100 Million Since Shoes He Stomped Victims With Didn’t Have A Warning Label”

Fox News:

“Convicted Oregon pimp sues Nike over lack of shoe warning label”

International Business Times:

“‘Pimp’ Files Lawsuit Against Nike For Failing To Label Their Shoes Dangerous Weapons”

The Daily Beast:

“Pimp Sues Nike for $100M”

Mail Online:

“Pimp sues Nike for $100m because they didn’t warn him about dangers of using Air Jordans to stomp on man’s face”