Quality Corrections & Inspections Celebrates 35TH Anniversary

Quality Corrections & Inspections Celebrates 35TH Anniversary


Randy Burk, Executive Vice President

Quality Corrections & Inspections

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The product rework services provider serves as a trusted supply chain resource partner to companies around the world

January 28, 2021 – Quality Corrections & Inspections, a trusted supply chain resource partner providing product rework services to companies around the world, is celebrating its 35-year anniversary in 2021. Founded in the heart of central Pennsylvania in 1986, the company had the vision to convert their family-owned shoe manufacturing facility into a trusted place where companies could turn to for help when imported goods did not meet specifications or quality standards upon arrival in the U.S.

Drawing from founder Ronald Burks’ industry expertise and relationships in the footwear sector, as well as son Randy Burk’s entrepreneurial spirit, a business strategy was initially set to serve the increasing needs of importers as manufacturing within the sector was beginning to move overseas. Soon thereafter, the company added additional rework services to support the needs of apparel, accessories, and consumer goods product importers as well. In 2003, the company expanded by opening a second facility on the west coast in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson, Nevada to better service retailers and distribution centers dispersed across the U.S. and Canada.

“We are very fortunate and proud to reach the 35-year business anniversary milestone,” said Randy Burk, Executive Vice President. “We have had the privilege to serve as the creative problem solvers for a variety of talented professionals in importing, retail, product sourcing, logistics, and overseas manufacturing over the years. For anyone that imports, it is not a question of if they are going to have a problem, it is when. We have been uniquely positioned to step in with the talent, services, and capacity to help many businesses minimize unfortunate supply chain disruptions by reworking or repairing their goods when the need arises.”

Mark Shaw, Global Operations Manager for the company remarked, “Flexibility has been the key to serve the needs of a diverse based of global customers. We are focused on listening to the

needs of our customers and responding with opportunities for them to meet their objectives. On any given day in our production facilities, we might be running rework production lines for industrial sewing repairs, leather footwear refinishing, hardware snap replacements on thousands of handbags, label changes on a shipment of garments, component replacements on a home furnishings product and a mold remediation project to name a few examples.”

Over the course of 35 years, Quality Corrections & Inspections has reworked and processed millions of goods from their two U.S. product rework facilities. What began as a small family- owned shoe manufacturing business has truly transformed into an industry leader with a long history of meeting the product inspection and rework needs of companies around the world.

For additional information on Quality Corrections & Inspections, visit www.qualitycorrections.com or call (702) 719-2322.