Rack Room Shoes Empowers Customers to Support At-Risk Children

Rack Room Shoes Empowers Customers to Support At-Risk Children

Every Back to School season, family footwear retailer Rack Room Shoes seeks to empower customers to better their local communities through its Shoes That Fit fundraiser. This year, Rack Room Shoes has committed to amplify the impact of customer donations by matching 100 percent of all funds raised during the campaign, up to $300,000.

Shoes That Fit is a non-profit organization that provides shoes to at-risk students, identified through local school liaisons.

“We understand that back to school shopping is an exciting time for many children, but this season can also be difficult for families with limited resources,” said Jan Mauldin, Rack Room Shoes Senior Director, Corporate Marketing. “This is a campaign that resonates with our customers because the impact is personal. All of the funds donated stay local – directly benefitting students and school systems right in the neighborhoods surrounding our stores.”

Due to the continual success of the Shoes That Fit fundraiser, this year, the retailer also plans to launch a second Shoes That Fit campaign during Rack Room Shoes’ holiday event.

Customers can easily add on a donation upon check out at all Rack Room Shoes locations nationwide. Over the last two years, the company has given more than $1 million to Shoes That Fit through the annual fundraiser. With the matching component added to this year’s campaign, Mauldin hopes to provide shoes to even more families in need.

“We are committed to partnering with the communities we serve, beyond providing them with a convenient family footwear destination. We’re enabling our customers to make a difference,” said Mauldin.

Individuals shopping for new footwear online this Back to School season can also support the campaign by donating at http://www.rackroomshoes.com/content/shoesThatFit.html.