Reebok Supports Best Ranger Competition

Reebok Supports Best Ranger Competition

Warson Brands, official licensee of Reebok military footwear, is providing Reebok military boots to all 102 contestants of this year’s Best Ranger Competition.  The Best Ranger Competition 2015 is the 32nd anniversary of the event and will be held on Fort Benning, April 9-13.

“This event attracts the most elite athletes in the US Army,” said Dan Henry, Warson Brands Military Business Development Manager, former Captain US Army, Airborne Ranger, and BRC competitor. “We want them to know that Reebok is designing high performance footwear to meet the unique challenges of the US military. And there is no better place to demonstrate that than at the Best Ranger Competition.”

The Reebok brand is new to the military market, but already provides five lines of military and law enforcement footwear, each designed for a specific task: Dauntless and Dauntless Ultra-Light, lightweight all-terrain boots; Rapid Response RB, high performance stealth boots, Fusion Max, made in USA with Total Cushioning Technology; and Hyper Velocity, super-lightweight performance footwear.

Each of the members competing in the BRC will receive a swag bag full of Reebok gear, including a Reebok VIP Member etched metal card that entitles them to redeem their choice of one free pair of Reebok military boots at; an opportunity to test future military footwear products; access to product news, promotions; and more. The bag will also contain a Reebok hat, water bottle, and pair of boot socks.

“Of particular interest this year,” said Henry, “is the new Reebok Krios with GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Technology. The Krios is a highly advanced waterproof hot weather boot developed in partnership with W. L. Gore and Associates.” The first of its kind, the Krios is the only tactical boot that keeps feet cool when it’s hot, dry when it’s wet, and comfortable when you sweat. “VIP members will have free access to the Krios,” Henry said, “and can be the first to put them to the test.”

Reebok is the sponsor of several elite fitness events, such as the CrossFit Games, Spartan Race, and Ultimate Fighting Championship, the world’s leading mixed martial arts organization. Reebok military and tactical footwear recently sponsored three 5-man teams at the Orlando International SWAT Round-Up, and participates in SWAT events throughout the US.

Warson Brands, also known as Warson Group, Inc., is headquartered in St. Louis, MO.