REI To Host Vibram Sole Factor Tour

REI To Host Vibram Sole Factor Tour

Vibram, a leader in high-performance soles, partnered with REI for its 2017 Sole Factor Tour, which will visit select REI stores across the country offering customers a chance to upgrade their favorite footwear with a new Vibram sole.

Driving Vibram’s Sole Factor program is a customized, 38-foot mobile cobbler unit outfitted with a cobbler repair shop and outsole showroom. The RV is operated by a master cobbler with cobbler assistants who examine shoes onsite, then upgrade with Vibram soles while customers wait. REI has Vibram Sole Factor stopping at nearly 20 stores for multiple days from Washington to Florida.

“Vibram Sole Factor presents new life to the beloved and maybe forgotten pair of footwear in your closet,” stated Allon Cohne, chief marketing officer for Vibram USA. “Our goal is to upgrade your current footwear with a better performing, more stylish outsole. The Vibram Sole Factor program allows us an opportunity to bring shoe repair and the art of cobblering to our next generation. Now our partners at REI are providing the perfect venue for customers to experience it in action.”

The Vibram Sole Factor Tour kicked off at REI Headquarters in Seattle on June 20, 2017. Making its way south through Oregon, then to California, the tour will hit Berkeley, Saratoga, Tustin, Burbank, San Diego before it heads on to Utah and Colorado. On this leg of the tour, it will make stops in Nevada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maryland, the Carolinas and Florida. Customers can follow the tour at and

“Keeping gear in the field resonates with both types of value seekers. Those that look for great deals and those who value sustainability,” explained Vik Sahney, sustainability divisional vice president for REI. “The Vibram Sole Factor Tour encourages our local customers to re-sole their footwear, reducing our collective footprint on the environment.”

The Vibram Sole Factor is a free, first come, first service with a requested $20 donation to Big City Mountaineers. The original Vibram Carrarmato lug design has been an iconic symbol of mountaineering for 80 years, and it will be featured on this tour in a signature blue color to bring awareness to Big City Mountaineers. Additionally, customers can demo and test Vibram Megagrip during the tour.