Saban Brands Acquires Piping Hot 

Saban Brands Acquires Piping Hot 

Saban Brands has added the Australian surf brand, Piping Hot, to its growing portfolio of fashion and lifestyle brands. Piping Hot joins Saban Brands Lifestyle Group (SBLG), which currently includes Paul Frank, Macbeth and, most recently, Mambo.

Established in 1975 in Torquay on Victoria’s famous surf coast, and currently celebrating its 40th anniversary, Piping Hot for the past 18 years has enjoyed a successful relationship with Target Australia. The brand’s retail partnership with Target Australia has allowed Piping Hot to reach a broader market and expand its product range from surfboards into multiple categories including swimwear, footwear, beach towels, headwear and more.

“Piping Hot is an exceptional addition to SBLG’s rapidly growing portfolio,” said Dan Castle, managing director of Saban Brands Lifestyle Group. “It’s unique for a brand to be rooted in rich history and culture, and simultaneously maintain such broad appeal and accessibility. We look forward to growing the Piping Hot brand in Australia and around the world.”

Elie Dekel, President of Saban Brands added, “Piping Hot is an authentic Australian brand that serves as a destination for cool, accessible and on-trend surfwear. This new acquisition supports our growth strategy in the Asia-Pacific region and will drive expansion of the Piping Hot brand and our overall business worldwide.”

“I look forward to watching Saban Brands Lifestyle Group take Piping Hot to the next level,” said Mark Johannsen, former Managing Director of Piping Hot. “I’m confident that Saban Brands’ vast resources will help expand Piping Hot’s global reach while maximizing the strength and integrity of this famous Australian brand.”