Sof Sole Launches Inaugural Ambassador Team

Sof Sole Launches Inaugural Ambassador Team

Sof Sole, the provider of insoles and footwear accessories for athletic and lifestyle markets, is officially accepting applicants for its 2016 ambassador team. Team Nova will be comprised of a range of individuals including performance-oriented athletes, weekend warriors, and foot-care professionals who will form a team of foot-health advocates who understand that healthy feet are the key to overall wellness and energy.

“Healthy feet make a huge difference in the amount of energy people have during the day and we want Team Nova to be a force of energy that supports the Sof Sole brand,” said Mary Hannah Statham, Sof Sole’s marketing manager.

Team Nova is based on the hypernova phenomenon, which is the strongest force of energy in the universe.

The 2016 team will feature approximately 40 men and women from across the United States who will provide first-hand accounts of the difference Sof Sole’s products make in their day-to-day lives and training regimens.

“Most shoes come with low quality insoles that do little to really support the foot and energize the body. We see Team Nova as a way to educate anyone with an active lifestyle – runners, hikers, cyclists, and everyone in between – on the health and performance benefits of a superior insole,” said Statham. “The message we’d like to send is to energize your feet by taking care of them and when you do, they will take care of you.”

Team Nova’s mission is to show the benefits proper footwear has on everyday performance. Enhanced support for running, extra cushioning for hiking, or proper arch heights to help correct over pronation or supination all help keep feet healthy and allow the wearer to perform at their best.

Ambassadors will receive a range of products including insoles, socks, and shoe-care accessories to help them spread the benefits of Sof Sole to their respective communities.

The application period for the Team Nova is officially open and applications will be accepted through April 15, 2016. The team will be announced the last week of April. Click here to apply today.

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