Sperry Campaign Targets Young ‘Intrepids’

Sperry Campaign Targets Young ‘Intrepids’

Sperry, which is eager to win over a new generation of customers as it celebrates its 80th anniversary, launched its Odysseys Await brand campaign, a global platform which channels the salty spirit and ingenuity of the brand’s founder Paul Sperry.

Sperry’s evolution includes a refreshed corporate logo and visual identity, which will be introduced as the Odysseys Await campaign launches this month. The new icon better reflects the authentic nature and values of the brand while appealing to an audience that has genuine stories to share and tell. Sperry identified this new consumer segment—a younger, passionate individual—united by the same adventurous spirit as Paul Sperry—as “Intrepids.”

Sperry’s reenergized brand platform connects with these modern-day explorers who are fueled by a passion to live a meaningful, fulfilling life, rather than simply living in the moment.

“It is our mission to ignite the human spirit through the power of sea-based discovery and adventure,” said Rick Blackshaw, president of Sperry. “We set out on an exploration to develop a campaign that encourages a youthful, global and digitally-connected group to discover and celebrate authentic stories still to be lived. The resulting creative is a huge departure from the brand’s previous work and aims to build relevancy with a bold, intrepid consumer around the globe.”

In mid-March, Sperry will unveil the second half of the campaign—the Odyssey Project—a experiential and content-creation initiative that celebrates inspirational discoveries and encourages ongoing engagement.

Through the Odyssey Project, Sperry will activate 80 ambassadors around the world with a challenge—to move out of their comfort zones, visit unexpected places, try unfamiliar things and discover more about themselves and the world around them. Each person will receive a custom shoebox, containing a new pair of Sperrys and an itinerary which will send them on different odysseys around the world to discover new people, places and experiences and, ultimately, bring back unforgettable stories. The user-generated content will be shared globally on Sperry social channels, at Sperry specialty retail stores and on Sperry.com