Step into spring: Trends include shoes in a rainbow of colors

Step into spring: Trends include shoes in a rainbow of colors

March 26– Citrus sandals. Color-blocked wedges. Pops of neon.

They’re all in this season, giving us yet another reason to look forward to warmer weather.

“I think color is exciting because it gets people in the mood for spring,” said Jennifer Combs, owner of J.Cole Shoes at 9930 Riverside Parkway in the Kings Landing Shopping Center.

Combs says orange and turquoise are big this season, as is pink.

“I’ve got patent pink flats that are selling really well right now,” she said.

But for the most part, the bright neon versions of these colors make an appearance on only a portion of the shoe.

“Nobody’s gonna wear a whole neon shoe,” said Cindy Marshall, co-owner of The Glass Slipper, 2050 Utica Square.

So you’ll see the colors on a strap or mixed in with more neutral colors, Combs said.

But also popular are citrus shades, Marshall said. Coral, yellow and mint green are among the colors she’s seen.

But on the other end of the spectrum, last year’s neutral trend has continued. Those who shy away from color will find a lot of nude-colored sandals and wedges to choose from.

And speaking of wedges, that trend is still going strong.

“Wedges are big sellers in spring,” Combs said.

This season, not all wedges are super high, Marshall said. She’s seen heels on wedges ranging from 1 1/2 to 5 inches.

And you’ll continue to see cork wedges, as well as wedges covered in color. The ikat pattern will be found on a lot of shoes this spring.

Flat, strappy sandals, of course, are not going anywhere. Find them in the above-mentioned popular colors or in metallic shades.

Snakeskin and leopard prints also continue to be popular, and the studs of fall are making their way onto spring shoes.

Combs and Marshall agreed that color-blocking is big this season. A shoe itself may be color-blocked, or you can create your own color-blocked outfit.

As an example, Marshall suggested wearing coral-colored jeans with a pair of mint green sandals.

“You don’t have to match the mint to anything necessarily that you’re wearing,” Marshall said.

Combs said mixed media and a mix of prints and colors are also popular, such as a red shoe with pops of leopard print on the back.

Combs and Marshall are also seeing a lot of flatform shoes, which gives the height of platforms but are also comfortable because the shoe is mostly level.

And finally, if you’re not ready to show your toes yet, colorful ballet flats and loafers are good options.

Ballet flats are popular, “especially early in spring when people want to look like they are transitioning,” Combs said.

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