Teva And Ugg Collaborate On Hybrid Footwear

Teva And Ugg Collaborate On Hybrid Footwear

Teva and Ugg, both divisions of Deckers Brands (DECK), released a hybrid collection called Teva x Ugg.

Teva, a sport sandal manufactuer, contributed “river utility” to the products, while comfort-centric Ugg steered the collection in a “beach-chic” fashion direction, according to a company press release.

“The Teva x Ugg collaboration allows us to celebrate expression of freedom while showcasing the innovation that is infused into each of our products,” said Wendy Yang, president of the performance lifestyle group at Deckers Brands. “With this collaboration, we wanted to fuse the most iconic and loved elements from both brands and deliver them in a contemporary collection for the modern consumer.”

The collection will consist of two styles, a sandal and a mid-calf hybrid, in several colors.

Said Andrea O’Donnell, president of the fashion lifestyle group at Deckers Brands, “It’s a rarity to have two iconic heritage brands with such distinct DNA under the same umbrella. It’s allowed us to create unique, fashion-forward styles that are equal parts aspirational and accessible.”