Time to get ‘Shoes in the Pews’

Time to get ‘Shoes in the Pews’

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — Shoes that fit. Every child deserves them.

In an attempt to assure all Laurel County students are prepared for another school year by having the proper footwear, the United Way of Laurel County is teaming up with local churches in a community-wide shoe collection in August.

Groups should collect as many new pairs of tennis shoes for Laurel County youth during the month of August, then bring those shoes to Thursday Night Live on August 29. The donated shoes will then be divided among Family Resource Centers in Laurel County schools.

Shoes of all sizes are needed. Only new shoes will be accepted.

Participating churches (as of July 27) include: First Baptist Church East Bernstadt, First Baptist London, Eastside Church of God, Freedom Christian Fellowship, Souls’ Harbor Church, Carmichael Community Church, First United Methodist Church (CONNECT ministry), Pilgrim Rest, Calvary Baptist, First Christian Church, Bethel Holiness Church, East Bernstadt Church of God and Living Hope Church.

Even some local businesses and organizations have gotten on board. These include: Senture, Jackson Energy, London-Laurel County Chamber of Commerce, and Saint Joseph London.

But absolutely anyone can donate, including youth groups, dance teams, and families. All shoes should be dropped off at the Old YMCA gym from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. August 26-29 or at the final Thursday Night Live on Thursday, August 29.

During this culminating event at TNL, First Baptist East Bernstadt will lead an inspirational dance.

“Anyone that wonders why we are doing this project needs to put themselves in the place of a child that does not have decent shoes,” said Judy Nicholson, director of the United Way/United Aid of Laurel County. “You sit in a classroom that is filled with children wearing $150 tennis shoes and your toes are sticking out of shoes that are two sizes too small. They are the target for bullying. Then you wonder why they drop out just as soon as they can.”

“If (this project) can help children face their peers without the fear of being made fun of, it will have been a success. So, let’s make this work.

“Just get the ‘Shoes in the Pews,'” she said.

If you have any questions, contact Nicholson at 330-0702.