Toms Releases 2019 Impact Report

Toms Releases 2019 Impact Report

Toms released its 2019 impact report. The report provides a comprehensive overview of their giving, including 96.5 million lives impacted, since the brand was thirteen years ago

Toms pioneered the One for One model in 2006 with the mission of using business to improve lives, and inspired a movement of conscious capitalism companies that incorporate giving into their business models.

Since 2006, Toms has given over 95 million pairs of shoes to children in need around the world. The 80-page impact report highlights this milestone, along with the different processes through which Toms creates impact, and the story of how its giving model has evolved over the years.

Adding other products to the mix helped Toms broaden its impact. Toms’ eyewear sales have contributed to more than 780,000 sight restorations and established 37 sustainable vision centers. Toms Roasting Co. coffee sales have provided over 722,000 weeks of safe water for those who lack access.

Earlier this year, Toms launched Stand for Tomorrow, officially expanding its giving model to include impact grants. Thus far, Toms has committed $6.5 million to organizations working to promote physical safety, mental health, and access to equal opportunity.

“This report is a testament to everyone in the fiercely passionate Toms community. I hope our customers are as excited and proud as we are to look back and see the incredible power of their purchases over the years and the impact they have had on so many lives,” said Toms chief giving officer, Amy Smith.

The report also includes information on Toms’ Giving Partners, employee giving trips, and the company’s recent B Corp® certification.

Visit to read the full impact report.